Retina Surgery

Retina Surgery in Baton Rouge, LA

The retina is one of the eye's most complex structures. Responsible for receiving light into the eye and sending images through the optic nerve to the brain, the retina is prone to several disease conditions. At Retina & Vitreous of Louisiana in Baton Rouge, Dr. Mason, Noguchi and Couvillion are the board-certified ophthalmologists who diagnose and treat the retina with precise in-office testing and surgeries. They can help you preserve your sight.

Problems with the retina

Several problems may develop with the light-sensitive retina. Your professional team at Retina & Vitreous of Louisiana is highly-skilled in treating:

  • Macular degeneration, an age-related dysfunction of the yellow, oval-shaped macula which causes loss of sight in the center of the visual field (11 million older Americans currently have this problem, says the Bright Focus Foundation)
  • Retinal detachment, in which part of all of the retina tears away from the back of the eye due to diabetes, injury or other medical problems
  • Diabetic retinopathy, the proliferation of tiny blood vessels in the retina, causing leaking and bulging of the retina itself
  • Retinitis pigmentosa, the loss of peripheral vision
  • Macular puckers, or epiretinal membranes, wrinkles in the macula that result in image distortion
  • Diagnosis and treatment (with surgery)

Many of these conditions are diagnosed with a comprehensive eye examination and something called OCT, or Ocular Coherence Tomography. This 20-minute procedure introduces a yellow dye into the circulatory system. The dye allows cross-sectional images of the eye to be taken and interpreted by your ophthalmologist.

Additionally, Fluorescein Angiography and Fundus Photography take detailed pictures of the retina. These images are specific to the blood vessels in the retina, showing if they are too numerous, weak (leaking) or bulging.

Regarding surgery, Drs. Couvillion, Noguchi, and Mason address vascular issues and structural abnormalities of the retina (such as tears) with innovative lasers. These instruments are extremely precise, and the treatments are performed entirely in the office with the benefit of local anesthetics. The laser treatment for vascular issues is called Pan Retinal Photocoagulation.

Lasers also treat issues with the vitreous humor, the jelly-like material which fills the eyeball and helps hold its shape. With diabetics, the vitreous often pulls on the retina, and hemorrhagic spots may develop. Your eye surgeon may remove all or part of the vitreous humor through a surgery called vitrectomy.

Your eyesight is precious. So, if you struggle with problems of the retina, macula or vitreous humor, count on Retina & Vitreous of Lousiana to help. Please call our main number for a consultation at our main office or one of our satellite offices: (225) 768-8833.